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I finished editing my podcast and have published it to iTunes. It may take a few hours for it to get to the iTunes Store, but it will be there soon. So, look for Episode 23 of the LostTrailRunner Podcast.

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Recorded Some Audio Today

The headline says it all. While I was running today, I recorded some audio for Podcast episode 23. I will edit it tomorrow and hopefully will have some usable audio. If I do I will try to get the Podcast finished and up on iTunes in a day or two.

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While running at the " Rock":

Review of the XTERRA Chicopee Woods 10K Trail Run.

Also some discussion about my participation in the Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix Series this year.

Some talk about the Disney, “Tower of Terror 13K”.

Call-in from Shawn of the "Trilogy Running" Podcast.

Using Zoom H2 to record.

The music provided is from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at "music.podshow.com"

Song: "The Good Life" by Desmond Williams

e-mail address: losttrailrunner@gmail.com

website: www.losttrailrunner.com

Blog: losttrailrunner.blogspot.com

call in comment line: 206-203-0380

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