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I have gone back to my old podcast episode numbering system, this is actually my 86th podcast. I had started over with the numbering of episodes when I changed my feed to Podbean and I want to reflect my total number of podcasts not just on Podbean. Therefore I have resumed numbering from my original LostTrailRunner Podcast. Hope I haven't confused you to much.

I went out to Stone Mountain on Saturday Morning and did a slow trail run. I am still having a glute problem, so I am just dealing with it. This is an unscripted podcast as I run on the trail. Hope you enjoy.

A 90 minute run in 37 minutes.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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The intro music is "ThePassage" and the outro is "ComingDown", both from Digitaljuice.


This podcast was recorded using a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder and a Giant Squid podcasting mic.

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