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In this podcast I go over my 3 days of Galloway.

The 1st day: Friday Dec. 11th I attended a breakfast with Jeff Galloway, Bill Rodgers, and Amby Burfoot. After the breakfast I attended 3 seminars given by Jeff on nutrition, training, etc. Good stuff.

The 2nd day: Saturday Dec. 12th I attended an "Extra Mile Podcast" listerners meet up.

The 3rd day: Sunday Dec. 13th I ran the JG 13.1 through Atlanta finishing in Piedmont Park.

I mention my Speakpipe widget on my website and would like for someone, anyone to call and leave a message. The Speakpipe widget is located at "losttrailrunner.com". My email is ron@losttrailrunner.com if you would like to send a note.

The intro song is "ComingDown” and the outtro is “Hardwired“, both from Digital Juice at digitaljuice.com.

This podcast was recorded on a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

Please go on iTunes and give my podcast a review the more the better and I don’t have many.

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